Product Market Fit, Pricing and Culture by Peter Reinhardt

Peter Reinhardt

Co-founder, CEO @ Segment

Product Market Fit, Pricing and Culture

Harry Stebbings at the SaaStr podcast had me on the show recently to talk about product market fit, pricing changes, and culture. You can listen to episode 80 here.

We talked through…

  • The dangers of reality distortion with product market fit. How it can be delusional to convince yourself of the value of your product when you don’t have product market fit.
  • How customers have a much broader dynamic range in their response to your product. There’s a big difference between a customer thinking your product is a nice idea and a customer wanting to rip the product out of your hands.
  • The differences in strengths of technical and non-technical founders. Non-technical founders often understand the problem without necessarily being able to build the solution, and vice versa.
  • Our biggest takeaway from the Y-Combinator experience… launch earlier.
  • Testing culture fit in candidates. Culture fit should be more than determining if you like someone—especially because it’s so easy to be biased. A culture fit test should determine whether or not a candidate fits the company’s set of values.
  • How we navigated a recent pricing transition at Segment, and how it led to positive results across the board, both in terms of revenue and leads. We talk through the transition from pricing based on cost alignment on our side, to value alignment on the customer side.